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My African Travels

The seeds of my love for Africa were probably sown about 1986 after I saw the film "Out of Africa".  Also around this time I made several trips to the Melbourne Zoo to photograph the animals and began to dream of photographing many of them in their natural environment.


Four years later in 1990 I went on my first trip to Africa visiting Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania, thinking this would be my one and only trip to Africa.  However Africa had gotten under my skin and in my blood.  During the 1990s on four other trips I also travelled to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Uganda, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.


After a gap of 13 years, I finally returned to Africa in 2009 spending seven weeks in Kenya, basing myself in Mombasa for a couple of weeks to explore Tsavo, Lamu Island, Kisite Marine Park and other coastal towns - all firsts for me.


In September 2010, after quitting my job, I spent three and a half months travelling through Botswana and Zambia.  Then from March to July 2013 I undertook my longest trip yet to Africa, spending four and a half months travelling through most of the countries in Southern Africa.


I would like to share with you my love of Africa and to help you enjoy this wonderful continent.  Of course things may change over time for better or worse, so the recommendations made here are based on my personal experiences at the time. 

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